Raft Race!

It was a wild and fun day at the District Raft race that took place on Saturday 22nd July at the Hawley Lake Sail Training Centre, hosted by 2nd Cove Sea Scouts a day of competitive fun.

This year we had 20 team entries of which 16 teams arrived for the challenge plus Leaders and supporters.

Each raft was powered by a team of 4 scouts, the position of different size scouts on the raft was important. If the position is wrong the raft could go around in circles.

The weather on the day was changeable with the constant threat of rain, but this did not affect the enthusiasm in building and racing their rafts. Each heat consisted of 4 rafts where each team gave their all, with some teams showing good team work with the advantage of synchronised oar strokes. Some teams had difficulty in keeping their rafts on course, with some having stability problems on the water, and a number capsizing or loosing barrels. This caused chaos and was lots of fun.

Each race was actively supported by parents and leaders cheering the teams on and shouting advice. All the competitors thoroughly enjoyed the event with no complaints of being cold and wet.

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